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The most effective way to improve safety in your company by reducing work accidents


Numbers about work accidents

  • 1.82 fatal accidents per 100000 persons employed (EU 2015)
  •  21% fatal accidents in constructions (EU 2015)
  • 17% fatal accidents in manufacturing (EU 2015)
  • 5 % transportation and storage (EU 2015)

Work Accident Causes

  • Drop of attention

    One of the major causes for fatal and non-fatal accidents in the construction, manufacturing and transportation fields

  • Fatigue

    Prolonged mental activities or lack of sleep can cause fatigue in workers that results in a higher probability of injuries

  • Overconfidence

    When workers are used to repetitive tasks a lack of attention can occur and consequently bring to fatal or non-fatal accidents

Our solution

  • Boost your Safety Helmet

    Value My Brain adds to a standard safety helmet a sensor that reads the worker’s brain activity to alert in advance about anomalous behaviour

  • Technology Transfer

    Our product is based on years of research in the medical and neuroscience field, combined with the team components’ academic and industrial experience

  • Raise the Alarm

    Value My Brain gives you an alert when the computed risk level (high stress fatigue) reaches a threshold through an app

About Value my Brain

Value My Brain aims at reducing the risk of injury and thus increases worker safety.

Current safety helmets lower the chances of injuries and accidents, protecting the brain and head from impact trauma. Value My Brain adds to a standard safety helmet a sensor that reads the worker brain activity in order to recognize anomalous behaviours, which can be symptoms of  high stress and fatigue.

When the worker is performing his daily and usual tasks, brain waves are analysed in real time and their patterns compared to identify potential risks of accident. If a potential risk is identified, the worker is alerted with sounds and vibration of the smartphone; a supervisor can be alerted too, and the worker’s position can be shared using geolocalization (Wi-Fi or gps).

Value My Brain is a non-intrusive, non-invasive system, which consists of a standard safety helmet with a small dry EEG sensor, a light box for the Bluetooth transmitter and the batteries; an android app is installed on the worker’s smartphone for data computing

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Our team

A proprietary algorithm has been designed by a team of senior academic and industrial people reusing the twenty years of medical research in the neuroscience as well as brain signals de-noising and processing techniques and industrial and organizational psychology frameworks; the result is a solution profiled on individual characteristics (e.g. age, gender, job profile) and industry (e.g. construction, manufacturing)

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